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You'll learn something about yourself. You'll learn something about yourself. Orgas of all, let's remember that historiography and public perception are different burns: I'd be happy to help resolve this situation.

Who is like God? There are plenty of respectable opinions that he was a brutal dictator. In Argentina federalist Rosas's name is not strongly represented in place names, but his arch-enemy unitarian Sarmiento who said about Rosas "Barbarians! Men can be killed, but not ideas" is widely commemorated. The article seems to support largely the federalist side of the unitarian-federalist conflict unitarians Sex tv 3g Looking for am orgasm friend in lascano single country, federalists a country made of a federation of states ; unitarians are described, without reference, as running a reign of terror. The ideas of Sarmiento or Mitre about Rosas are long outdated, and Rosas is currently recognized as an Argentine hero as well see "legacy" section.

Rosas perspective about national organization is already mentioned, and the modern criticism held about him his refusal to call for a new constituent assembly is mentioned as well. As for the unitarians wanting Argentina as a single country, have you heard about the september 11 revolution of ? I won't vote, as you suggest my information is out of date. And what do you want to vote, anyway? Again, there's little I can contribute unless I research the literature comprehensively. The introduction in Spanish Wikipedia has less praise, without denouncing him, and there is discussion of attitudes, with the comment that consensus won't be reached any time soon.

I was working in this article some time ago, but I left it half-made, and hadn't worked with the lead yet as it is a summary of the whole article, I usually leave it for the end. Have in mind that "consensus about Rosas won't be reached any time soon" from that article is original research, we don't know when or if such consensus will be achieved. I won't say any more about the subject of the article and the accuracy or otherwise of Looking for am orgasm friend in lascano content, but will make some remarks on the article as an article. There is no question that Rosas is a contentious subject; but the introduction to the article is laudatory much more so than the intro of the article on Nelson Mandelagenerally regarded as a notably good leader, and not contentious despite violence and revolution in his background; and what is said in the NM intro is referenced in the body and not referenced or supported by referenced text in the body.

I'll pick a few points at random from the body; there are plenty more. Before discussing criticism we find "Rosas' opponents Looking for am orgasm friend in lascano his rule were dissidents, such as The sentence seems merely a way to smear the opponents before stating their arguments. Similarly "it was decided [by his adversaries] to portray him in a negative light". For anyone except Hitler I'd expect something like "the opponents kidnapped and killed people as documented by [ref to reports by outsiders] in the documented Xyx incident, closed the newspaper "Daily Blurb" indefinitely [ref], and were responsible for many more such events [ref]". Maybe followed by "this was described as a reign of terror by [ref]".

There are no references at all in the section claiming the reign of terror. I'm not saying it's necessarily untrue - how can I know, there's no information either supporting or contradicting. I can't judge how reliable a cross-section of opinion the Dating and that are quoted Looking for am orgasm friend in lascano, but the rest of the article doesn't make me confident that all points of view are represented. That's a summary of why the POV and Refimprove tags are, in my Looking for am orgasm friend in lascano, justified whatever the validity of what's said.

Yes, I have seen the details on Lavalle's and Paz's governments, and they really were as you described. I won't, however, go into much detail here: There are both reports by outsiders, and reports by the unitarian themselves, who were actually proud of their actions. For the moment, to have an idea of what kind of man was Lavalle, you can consider quotes like this. It is precise to behead them all. Let's purge society of this monsters. Death, death without mercy", "Discipline among our soldiers? Young chubby whores want to kill?

They want to pillage? I'm currently busy with other articles, but will return to complete this one at some point; I do not object keeping the maintenance templates in the meantime Cambalachero talk You report nasty things Lavalle said; but I haven't been trying to support one side of a fierce polemic. Rather, I repeat 1 the article almost entirely lacks supporting references; 2 it gives the impression that Rosas did nothing bad, and his opponents did nothing good - he comes up smelling of rosas. While this could be true, experience with other historical figures and the extensive denunciation of Rosas in the past yes, the victors of wars write the history books, this will never be the whole story suggest that it is very likely that there is plenty that is bad, and plenty that is good, on both sides.

Reading the article as it is today I would come away with the impression that Rosas was altogether better than Nelson Mandela and Winston Churchill generally praised everywhere, but advocated and practised aerial bombing and gassing of civilian populations in the s ; and that his opponents were on a par with Saddam Hussein. I don't know if Rosas is seen as a "hero" in present-day Argentina, but what I do know is that English, Spanish and Portuguese-written books despict him as a brutal dictator. This article avoids completely using the term "dictator" to describe Rosas and in some moments falls into an unfunny comedy by saying that they were no more than "sum of all power".

What I suspect may be the case I don't have clear information to support it, but have looked at a few references is that being for and against Rosas has some symbolic significance related to recent Argentine politics, so that people for and against current opposing and radically polarised political views consider Rosas to be a saint or a devil, and his opponents devils or saints. So, on the one hand, I'd expect that if several people edit this article which doesn't seem to be the case at the moment - I don't count myself as I don't have a viewpoint there will be contention and lots of POV content until consensus is reached. Additionally, the fact that there is this association of Rosas with current factions if true is itself notable and has an important place in the article.

I'm not in a position to help. They are "modern" in the sense that it happen a century after Rosas, but on the other hand, they happen half a century ago. Rosas has no political significance inhe's just another historical figure. Generally we don't need any citations in the lead and leave them for the body of the article. Having a list of ten sources is not only excessive but quite distracting. If you want more detail, Rosas ran away at a young age and changed his name to Rosas from Rozas this was mentioned. But did you all know he was naked when he did this? He left his parents home, leaving anything that belonged to his parents to begin a new, truly independent life, and then began to associate and gain the respect and admiration of various gaucho leaders.

I don't have sources right now for all this info, but it's legitimate and I'm sure someone else can search them out. The power of Rosas cannot be explained solely by saying he had a lot of cattle and had a strong personality that appealed the gauchos. There are also other inaccuracies. I will list them in terrible order also, since I'm not used to work in Wikipedia and not used to your customs and rigour standards. When I say defeated I mean that they couldn't fulfil its objective: It's a bit more complex. He was indeed the more powerful caudillo, but he was not the only one. He was only in charge of relationships with other countries, and had no formal power over the other provincies and caudillos -even if, informally, he was the puppet-master.

Also, the puny "unitario" force in Montevideo could hardly represent a problem for Rosas, even if he besieged through allies and own forces the city for a long time before. Britain was a major player in all this period, trying to find a valuable associate in the pampas to introduce its industrial goods and buy cattle and grain, and Rosas was not the correct person for doing this at that time. European businessmen were established in Buenos Aires and were influent during periods of Rosas government I really need more reading on the subject, but I'll try to help with a new article for this guy, who influenced the "country"'s life for a good buch of years.

FLRD Something that must be told I just wanted to tell that this was the most ridiculously hilarious excuse to revert someone else's edit I've seen to this day on Wikipedia. No wonder this article sucks. Arguably, the picture on the money would be the most "iconic". Everywhere it is either the portrait by Gaetano Descalzi or a derivative work of it. It is easier to invert the question: The one Lecen had posted doesn't even look like the same guy. He was an ammunition boy. He also didn't fight with the Migueletes. He was part of that cavalry corps but was sick during the entire conflict.

Anyone who had actually read a single biography of Rosas would have known that. But someone who uses a website as source I wonder if you will include Rosas' monarchism too. Because he was a monarchist and his daughter was acclaimed his heiress. Not only that but he wanted to annex Uruguay and Paraguay and create an Empire in the Plata. What about the fact that he opposed the "May Revolution"? Will that be mentioned too?

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The link is Just need servicing in yeosu. Yet, this article has the following sentence: Juan Manuel de Rosas. This is the second edition of his biography and it was published in The first edition is called Argentine Dictator: Juan Manuel de Rosas and was published in Hamill called it an "[a]lready classic biography of Argentina's most significant caudillo. Lewis regarded it "[a]n outstanding work on the dictator and his Looking for am orgasm friend in lascano significance". We do not need to stick to sources written in English when they are outdated merely because they are in English. Verifiability Non-English sourcesWikipedia: Systemic bias and Wikipedia: The historiography Looking for am orgasm friend in lascano Rosas is a topic in itself, with books about that specific topic, and none of them considered Lynch even worth a single mention.

Since the 20th century he is no longer regarded a dictator and there is no doubt or dispute about it Naked asian twinks ass Looking for am orgasm friend in lascano. Every single work in English regards him a dictator. The title he gave for himself was "Tirano ungido por Dios para salvar a la patria" "Tyrant anointed by God to save the Fatherland". That is my great title: I have always sought to serve the contry". If he says that there was a paradigm shift in the way Rosas is considered, it is a voice to be heard. The current consensus means that modern historians do not explain the actions of Rosas based on personal impulses such as evil, greed, hunger for power; or patriotism, loyaltybut on actual poltical contexts of the time.

The Great Man theory is rapidly getting outdated everywhere, and it already did for Rosas in Argentina. The old manichaeisms are outdated. There may be an occational exception, but the body of the Argentine historians have left that stage long ago. Are there books that use the word "dictator" to talk about Rosas? We shouldn't use a word merely because the usage is verifiable: If there is a dispute, we describe the dispute, we do not engage in it. Note as well that sources that make a mere use of a word in passing, without explaining the usage, do not count as "engaging" in the dispute.

This article, as written by Cambalachero, presents the idea that was en elected governor and that he was granted the " Sum of public power " that is, the power to rule as dictaror by a popular plebiscite where "[e]very free man within the age of majority living in the city was allowed to vote" see "second government" section. First let's talk about elections in Argentina and the role of the House of Representatives: It was his custom to send his resignation to the House from time to time. Avoid hackneyed phrases such as "I have good communication skills and work well in a team"!

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