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Centuries of cutting Local girls in ilulissat thick sea ice and powdery terrain course through their blood so just hold on through and let them carry you like they were born to do. Centuries of pacing over thick sea ice and uncompromising terrain course through their blood so just hold on tight and let them carry you through they were born to do. Experience the capital Nuuk, which is a wonderful permission between modern civilization and tradition. Experience the capital Nuuk, which is a wonderful up between modern civilization and tradition.

However, only few places can give you such a complete experience Local girls in ilulissat the area of Ilulissat - the town by the Icefiord. There are giant icebergs, calving glaciers and the Inland Ice are nearby, and they can be experienced both from helicopters, boat trips and hikes. Also the humpback whales are very numerous in the area, and we have begun to arrange whale safaris. The Arctic summer is short and hectic which is demanding for the arctic flora, which grows on the edge of what is possible. It is also interesting to experience the Greenlandic culture and history, which is present everywhere in town.

The hinterland is incredibly beautiful and during the winter, when the snow has fallen, there are good possibilities for dog sledge rides. These combine both riding in the mountains, on frozen lakes and the ice covered fiords.

A boat trip to Glacier Eqi - World of Greenland

The duration of the tours is 1, 2, 3 or 5 hours or 2, 3, 4 or 10 days. You can also try feeding the dogs when they come home after a hard day of sledding. There are up to 4, dogs in Ilulissat, and an hour spent with a local fisherman will give you a unique insight into fishing traditions and the many subtleties of dog sledding. Guided sightseeing On a guided tour of Ilulissat you Local girls in ilulissat learn about the history of the town and its buildings. The trip starts in the old town and you will get to see old buildings Local girls in ilulissat back to the time when the Danes settled the area. You will hear, for example, about the various Inuit fishing and hunting communities who settled in the area 4, years ago.

Hiking tours are planned along routes that can be handled by most people. Getting to know the locals Ilulissat Tourist Nature works with local families in Ilulissat who welcome visitors into their homes for a kaffemik — the traditional Greenlandic social event where the people eat, drink and socialise in a casual setting. Step inside a Greenlandic home, take a closer look at the beautiful national costume and find out more about everyday life in the far north. You can also try feeding the dogs when they come back after a hard day of sledding.

Souvenir shopping Ilulissat Tourist Nature has its own shop with all kinds of souvenirs to remind you of your experiences in Greenland. The shop is a short walk from the museum and the harbour. The atmosphere is cosy and friendly, and you will find everything from post cards, pictures and clothes to seal, lamb and reindeer skin. Now the tupilaks are usually made of wood, narwhal tusk, reindeer antlers or bones — and, of course, they will not bring any harm to anyone. The products in the shop are all made using traditional methods and techniques.

A souvenir is a special memory of your adventures in Greenland. The old-fashioned red cutters and their experienced skippers have been plying local waters for years.

Disko Bay is Local girls in ilulissat of the most fascinating areas in the whole of Greenland. For thousands of years, the area has provided food ilulisast the Girlw, and today it is one of the most populated areas in Greenland. Go whale watching, fishing or visit the icefjord. You can also head off on gkrls trips and stay overnight in Local girls in ilulissat towns and settlements before you head back to Ilulissat. Loval glacier girld about 30 metres a day and produces about 20 billion tons of ice every tirls The icebergs float from the icefjord out illissat the open sea before they begin their journey northwards, later becoming part of the Atlantic Ocean.

When the mercury rises girsl high, locals often make jokes by sniffling and sneezing Locwl though they are sick. Ask them what ails them, and they will cheekily respond that they are allergic to summer! Just as Local girls in ilulissat sled dogs are pulling at the chains at the first whiff of snow, the mushers also greatly anticipate the start of dog sledding season. The sled dogs energize the whole space, and you get a jolt of power as you sit on the sled for your personal Iditarod adventure. Sled dogs are just happy to run, and they pay no attention to whether their precious cargo is eager tourist or a stack of Greenlandic halibut.

Ahead awaits two days of coastal cruise, heading for Ilulissat. The coastal ship sails up and down the west coast and is also used by the Greenlanders themselves. There is no time to go ashore, but from the deck it is possible to enjoy the busy harbour as people disembark and new travelers come onboard. Early evening we arrive in Sisimiut, the second largest city in Greenland. The colored houses stands in wonderful contrast to the hilly rocky area. Explore Sisimiut and visit the old town with its original buildings from the colonial era.

Opportunity to buy souvenirs before the coastal ship continues north. Icefjord - Arrival to Ilulissat. As the ship approaches Ilulissat, there is every reason to enjoy the sight of the icebergs. Some are just large-scale lumps of ice while others are almost towering above you. What a welcome to the magnificent Disco Bay. Transfer from the ship to the hotel. After check-inn go for a walk around town. The colorful houses are painted in a rainbow of shades, and the giant icebergs float by in the bay just outside of town. Visit the local museum to get an insight into local history and the life of the well known polar explorer Knud Rasmussen and his many expeditions.

On the outskirts of town you can see and hear the sled dogs.