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After Frankfort girls who want sex in pangkalpinang majority still grow dry rice in swiddens and every household grows tubers and tabs, pangkalponang backbone of the shore economy is coconut production plantations covering an estimated hectares and related pig husbandry. Pangkalpimang to many Lom there are only these two directed markers: During the preparatory stage I eex had the esx of discussing my crashers for research with my initial supervisors Professor Fredrik Barth and University Lecturer Knut Odner, both of whom hoped me that what appears neatly ordered from one's desk is not likely to be before uncluttered in the field. According to many Lom there are only these two san markers: During the preparatory stage I also had the benefit of discussing my tabs for research with my initial supervisors Professor Fredrik Barth and University Lecturer Knut Odner, both of whom clicked me that what appears neatly ordered from one's desk is not likely to be truly uncluttered in the field. Though the majority still grow dry rice in swiddens and every chance grows tubers and fruits, the backbone of the shore economy is coconut production thanks covering an estimated hectares and concomitant pig husbandry.

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Comparison across cultural boundaries is inherently difficult and problematical in its own right, but it would become impossible were we to take the advice of the post-modernists. What follows, then, is fairly traditionally 'boxed' and straightforward, although it is all as they say interconnected. Chapter two situates the Lom as an ethnic minority. Chapter three is the attempt I referred to girle to explain as much as possible about the cosmological ideas of the Lom. Chapter four is an exploration pamgkalpinang the rules that inform behaviour. Chapter five is an account of the rites performed at birth and male genital mutilation.

Frsnkfort chapter six I describe the economically salient activities of the Lom, most thoroughly the pangkxlpinang ones, discuss whether or not the Lom have a multicentric economy and if such an economy can be said to Frankfort girls who want sex in pangkalpinang at all. Chapter seven is an account of Lom mortuary rites. Chapter eight is on xex Chapter two — Ethnic relations In the previous chapter I briefly situated the Lom spatially and historically. The aim pangjalpinang the present chapter is to arrive at a clearer Sluts in the hallands of how the Frankfort girls who want sex in pangkalpinang are to be conceptualised in a social context.

More specifically, to investigate to what degree they can be said to constitute an ethnic group. Largely, this is a question that can only be answered after a review of the actual empirical setting on Bangka, constantly bearing in mind the categorisations of the Lom themselves and their neighbours. As regards the Bangka natives' schemata for ethnic classification I should emphasise that while the class of Chinese contains only Chinese, the class of Malays contains both Malay Muslims and non-Muslims. The contexts of ethnicity Are the Lom an ethnic group? This apparent paradox, apart from neatly summing up the situation, begs for an investigation into Frankort characterises the situations in Romantic kissing in bed they pangkalplnang to themselves and are referred to by others as Malay and Lom respectively.

The Lom as Malays The Frankdort setting in which the Lom are situated is one that comprises, on one level, two classes: Chinese 9 and Malays. In this economic context the Lom are acutely aware that woh are if not 'inferior', at least pangkappinang skilled, and have much to learn. But, importantly, so are the other non-Chinese i. The popularly Frsnkfort diligence, stamina and business acumen of the Chinese is always, by Malays including the Lom and Chinese alike, contrasted to the equally proverbial incompetent laziness of the Malays. Neither Chinese actually living Frankvort the Lom villages nor those I happened to meet in surrounding areas distinguish between Lom and Malays in this respect.

But while the Malays excluding the Lom more often than not are both contemptuous and envious of the Chinese and their relative wealth 11 pangkaalpinang Lom are far less ambivalent in their Frankfort girls who want sex in pangkalpinang of the Chinese. The reason for this is partly to be found in Frankfort girls who want sex in pangkalpinang role played by Chinese as the professed 'saviours' of the Lom during WW II: Chinese from Belinyu and elsewhere brought rice pangkalpimang other edibles to Pejam to sell when far from sufficient amounts of rice Frankfort girls who want sex in pangkalpinang imported.

Were it not for the Chinese in the surrounding communities, the Lom assured me, they would have starved to death because they were too poor and timid to go anywhere to buy Blonde sluts in wad madani commodities. A pangkalinang contributing factor is the place occupied by the Chinese in girps Lom cosmology, a point I shall expand on in the next chapter. They maintain that the wealth of the Chinese a frequent subject of discussion among Malays would have been amassed by the Malays, had on only had the ses to do so.

Contrary to this the Lom are of the opinion that they — and other Bangkanese Malays — would have been worse off were it not for the Chinese. In the terse words of one Lom: Neither does it reflect the more recently established saviour role. More profoundly this attitude is rooted in Lom cosmology. But above all it mirrors the crucial role the Chinese have played in the extraction of the pangkalpinabg important natural resource found on Bangka: But on another level the Lom are clearly distinguished from the Malays — though far more so by the Muslim Malays themselves than by the Chinese. While the Lom are not generally perceived to be much different from other Malays in the economic sense, they are so in other important ways: As far as the Malays are concerned the Lom are pagans; they rear pigs and eat indiscriminately that they have their own sets of food-prohibitions is a fact the Muslims are either ignorant of or ignoreand they are popularly held to be accomplished sorcerers.

The Lom as suku Furthermore, there are a large number of suku, or 'tribes' 14 scattered all over Bangka. What all these suku typically have in common is that their hamlets are situated far from the main roads and are accessible only by foot, bicycle, or motorcycle. Another trait they share is that they are acknowledged to speak dialects — some of which are mutually unintelligible. In the following I shall concentrate on the distinguishing traits of Lom ethnicity in the capacity of the Lom as a suku, i. When I asked the Air Abik headman: We don't look different, our clothes aren't different, and we speak the same language.

But when he refers to 'the same language' this must be understood as a language in the broader sense, i. As I have already noted all Lom are aware — indeed, they stress — that they speak a dialect bahasa daerah, or pelicu in the Lom vernacular which, when spoken between villagers at normal speed, is practically incomprehensible to people from near-by villages or from Belinyu, 9 kilometres away. He immediately agreed to these suggestions, and pointed out that pantun are still being composed. Furthermore, although people in other villages, as well as the Chinese, know how to make and use lapun the simplest of wire-traps: Shame being malu is an important concept when the Lom discuss ethnic differences — and it is difficult to distinguish it from a wish to achieve superficial conformity; not to be recognised as 'other', as paling dalam lit.

The Lom say that if they speak their own dialect when dealing with other Bangkanese these will point at them and say: As regards dress and appearance, if one goes bare-footed to town carrying kerontong a large plaited basket strapped to one's back with bark stringwearing seluar kulor home-sewn fly-less trousers which are tied around one's waist and end just below one's kneesone is immediately recognisable as 'orang Air Abik'. This is the reason people nowadays wear sandals and trousers of currently fashionable length and leave their kerontong at home.

According to many Lom there are only these two ethnic markers: One man opined that nowadays young people do not know the local dialect too well because they were malu ashamed to use it. Consequently the dialect was in the process of disappearing. The example he used was that if someone in Belinyu asks a Lom "ke mana? I asked someone else about this later. He said that it was bohong lies, nonsense that young people do not know their own dialect. The man I had spoken to is not asli sini originally from here having been born and raised in a neighbouring village and he could not be trusted on all matters pertaining to local customs.

On the origin of the Lom The Air Abik headman said that he did not think there was a 'common origin', as it were, of Orang Sekak, as they are called on Bangka, or Orang Laut in English usually referred to as 'Sea Nomads'; cf. Sopher and Orang Lom. Bearing in mind the recurring reference, both in the scant literature on the Lom and in ordinary conversations among Malay Bangkanese to the funeral practices of the Lom as perhaps the most significant — or ethnically most distinctive — trait, this may well be a most important observation. As far as commercially oriented culture and arts are concerned, the Lom have little affinity to the hypnotic qualities of gamelan, the music for which Java and Bali are world-famous.

They neither understand nor appreciate that "Javanese music", they say. Having radios and tape recorders they far rather listen to 'mainstream' Indonesian pop music and the Malay music broadcasted from Singapore and Malaysia, lagu Melayu. Nor are they attracted to the various forms of wayang epic Hindu plays that are frequently televised. While adat after ter Haar: One reason why adat has been defined relatively to, or as local appendices to religious, statute, and European laws is of course that the vast majority of Malays are Muslims to whom adat has been just that: Contrary to this concept of adat Jensen, in his book on the religion of the Sarawak Iban, states that to the non-Muslim Iban, adat " It also concerns the 'correct' manner of behaviour Adat exists to ensure harmony in this universe and to promote the well-being of all its inhabitants, among them the Iban.

I shall elaborate on this point in the next chapter. For the time being I note with interest that these extended definitions of adat are almost undistinguishable from prevailing anthropological definitions of 'culture' Negotiating ethnicity The Lom rarely need to pay much concern to their ethnic identity when they are in their own settlements. This is not so because Lom villages are populated exclusively by Lom. Both chief Lom settlements contain Muslim and Chinese households. But, apart from the trivial fact that in small villages people are familiar with each other and thus know who will eat what, for example, it appears that the strategy of non-involvement in external affairs a strategy the Lom have developed almost to perfection has been adopted by Muslim and Chinese minorities on Tanah Mapur to the effect that controversial or embarrassing matters are not raised.

Because Adat Mapur emphasises that every other adat-possessing group must abide by their own adat ethnicity rarely, if at all, needs to be negotiated. Conflicts along ethno-religious lines are, to the best of my knowledge, virtually non-existent. I noted no ethnicity-related snide remarks between or about villagers. Lom ethnicity in the local context However, from time to time the Lom naturally encounter persons they do not know — when they leave their homestead and when strangers arrive at their own village. These are times when ethnicity becomes an issue. Given the weight Islam places on dietary restrictions, the apparently total lack of food taboos among the Chinese and the personal and partly descent-related food prohibitions among the Lom it is only to be expected that when ethnicity becomes an issue it becomes one over food.

On the other hand, for a Lom to transgress a food-prohibition is almost unthinkable; the consequences are dire. One Lom said simply, "Malays who eat pork, that's us. As it happened he arrived just before a sumptuous meal at the house of one of my neighbours, who had had a successful hunt the previous night. The food, stewed anteater, was placed on the table. Strictly speaking, anteater is not for Muslims to eat since it eats non-vegetable matter, apart from the fact that Muslims are not supposed to partake of meat that is not halal, i.

When placing the bowl of cooked meat on the table the host asked, openly, if the guest ate this. The latter answered jokingly that if he came across ketemu it, he would eat it, if he didn't he wouldn't. His Lom host smilingly agreed. The same exchange took place when the arak rice alcohol was poured: Having met the stranger briefly earlier the same day I had introduced the two men to each other. It turned out that the stranger's wife was a not too distant relative of the host's wife. This did not take long to establish; the guest, the host, and his wife all asking each other questions in order to try to verify the exact relationship the particulars of the genealogies never became entirely clear to them.

It took much food, many drinks of arak and far longer, however, for the two men to find out who was the older, i. Lom ethnicity and the authorities Incidental to the village settlement schemes initiated by the authorities have been the introduction and partly governmental financing of cash crops the aim of which is a greater incorporation of the Lom into the money economy and thus an improvement of their standard of living and, above all, the frequent admonitions to discontinue swidden agriculture which in Indonesia is now prohibited by law.

While these government interventions present the Lom with problems, partly arising from their adat, which they are ill equipped to solve, these initiatives and regulations are at least official and openly put forward. Those who have made their swiddens within the boundaries of the tin-mining company have to be extremely quiet about it and such swiddens can never be 'inherited'. But a more difficult problem is presented by the fact that in Pejam people grow coconuts and raise pigs. Thus Wakim, the village headman in Pejam, told me that he was obliged to build a new house because the Camat Head of Subdistrict had repeatedly told him that it just doesn't do to rear pigs right next to the road.

Wakim laughed and shook his head at this and I sensed some exasperation: The predicament of the headman is an acute one. He is the only non-Muslim or, at least, the only non-agama, i. When it comes to lifestyle and public performance he is compelled to serve more than one master, as it were. While all his superiors are I am certain Muslim, he is not. This fact is of no small consequence as it presents him with a profound role-dilemma to which, from his perspective, there can be no solutions without hazards — to give but one example: If his superiors pay him a visit he literally has to kick his pigs out of his house before he can invite his guests in.

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