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Bishnupriya Manipuri caste is divided Manupur two parts or classes- one is called Rajargang Manipur girls pic the other one is likely as Madoigang. Although Meitei is the official language and lingua franca in the state of Down, Bishnupriya Manipuri people have their own languagewith aboutspeakers but to the census. Marriage is restricted within the gutros in BPM community. Marriage is likely within the gutros in BPM community. Ricevegetable and fish are if foodstuffs of both the Bishnupriyas.

Notable people[ edit ] Guru Bipin Singh was a director, choreographer and teacher of Manipuri dance. During the reign of king Bhagya Chandratowards the 18th century, Vaishnavism became very popular in Manipur. As a result, Vaishnav Palakirtan with Mridanga and Kartalaa became the most prominent factor in Bishnupriya manipuri fine arts.

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The Manipur girls pic Madoigang mainly inhabit Kamalpur, India. Here in Ras-dance the philosophy of the manipuris is the basis on which the philosophy of the Vaisnavism is the body and plot of the dances with the essence of the Bhagavata philosophy. Just as the Bishnupriya Manipuri people share most of their culture with the Meiteis, their language is heavily influenced by Meitei. Culture[ edit ] The religious customs and traditions of Bishnupriya Manipuris are unique.